The Power Of One Decision

The Power Of One Person

All In For Hope Series

Stepping Up For New Beginnings

Step Up

Step Up Together

An Opportunity and a Responsibility

Together We Are Braver and Make a Bigger Impact

Together We Are Better

Me Monster Makes a Mess Series

Cleaning Up The Mess of Me

The Mess of Discontentment

Mess Of Relationships

Mess Of Greed

The Mess of Me

A Mess Of Everything

That's a Good Question.  Part 2


That's a Good Question

Holy Roller Series


The Good Life

Don't Be a Jerk

Holy Roller Part 6

Tools Of The Trade

The Struggle Is Real

Course Correction

A Defined Direction

Made Holy, Live Holy

Through The Whitewater


Wanderer Series


What To Do When God Says No


Week 3 ~ What To Do When You Don't Understand

Week 2 ~ God's Way Requires Waiting 

Week 1 ~ Failure Isn't Final

Be Persistent 

Step Aside and Step Up

Easter Sunday

An Invitation To Life

Lily Dipper Life

The Promise Series

Week 4 ~ The Promise

Week 3 ~ The Promise

Week 2 ~ The Promise

Week 1 ~ The Promise

Hope For Series

Week 2 ~ Hope For

Week ~ 1 Hope For

Series - Get Smart

Week 4 ~ Learn It Leave It

Week 3 ~ Listen Up

Week 2 ~ Looking Ahead

Week 1 ~ The Wisest One

It's GO Time

Series - High Anxiety and a Happy Christmas

Week 3: My God Forgives Me

Week 2: My God Is For Me

Week 1: My God Can

Series - Digging Deep

Week 3 - Dig Deep To Overcome Personal Issues

Week 2 - Dig Deep To Accomplish Remarkable Things

Week 1 - Dig Deep To Overcome Giant Obstacles 

Series - Making Change

Week 4 - Change your Ability 

Week 3 - Change your Action

Week 2 - Change your Approach

Week 1 - Change your Attitude 

Series - Small Town

Week 5 ~ ALL IN

Week 4 ~ People On Our Path

Week 3 ~ Go the Extra Mile

Week 2 ~ Do the Right Thing

Week 1 - Walk With Me

Series- Better Together

Week 2 - Celebrate Together

Week 1 - Overcoming Struggle

Series - Despicable Me

Week 3 ~ Agree To Disagree

Week 2 ~ Learn to Discern

Week 1 ~ The Right Approach

A Matter of Time

Series - Pain Killers

Week 4 ~ Living Through The Letdown

Week 3 ~ Relational Pain

Week 2 ~ Pain of Loss

Week 1 ~ Bad News, Good News

Epic Battles in Life ~ Big Stuff vs Small Stuff

Series - Step Up!

Week 4 ~ Step Up To Purpose

Week 3 ~ Step Up To Obedience

Week 2 ~ Step Up To Fear

Week 1 ~ A Step in the Right Direction