True Greatness

The Struggle Is Real

The Most Important Question Ever

Short-Term Memory Loss

Pursuit of Happiness Part 2

Loophole Living

Stepping Up

Pursuit of Happiness Part 1


Faith Meets Grace

The Work of God

Good Soil

Set Free

Who’s In Your Boat

Bigger Than Our Box

What Fills Your Life

Our Greatest Need

Whose Authority?

Know, Grow & Go in Jesus

Finding Gold

Be Reliant

“A Guidebook to a Great Life Series”

Don’t Settle For Less

Be All In

Be Thankful

Balancing Act, Mental Health

Balancing Act


A Community That Cares

A Community With a Cause

“We Are Family Series”


“Stories Series”

Change Your Direction

Change Your Soil

Change Your Investment

Change Your Values

Change Your Mindset

Change Your View

Change Your Foundation

Give To Grow

Christmas At Waterlife

A Bad Day This Way Comes Series

Dealing With Disappointment

When Difficult People Create Bad Days

The Right Voices and Influences

Choose Gratitude

The Power Of One Decision

The Power Of One Person

All In For Hope Series

Stepping Up For New Beginnings

Step Up

Step Up Together

An Opportunity and a Responsibility

Together We Are Braver and Make a Bigger Impact

Together We Are Better

Me Monster Makes a Mess Series

Cleaning Up The Mess of Me

The Mess of Discontentment

Mess Of Relationships

Mess Of Greed

The Mess of Me

A Mess Of Everything

That's a Good Question.  Part 2


That's a Good Question

Holy Roller Series


The Good Life

Don't Be a Jerk

Holy Roller Part 6

Tools Of The Trade

The Struggle Is Real

Course Correction

A Defined Direction

Made Holy, Live Holy

Through The Whitewater


Wanderer Series


What To Do When God Says No


Week 3 ~ What To Do When You Don't Understand

Week 2 ~ God's Way Requires Waiting 

Week 1 ~ Failure Isn't Final

Be Persistent 

Step Aside and Step Up

Easter Sunday

An Invitation To Life

Lily Dipper Life

The Promise Series

Week 4 ~ The Promise

Week 3 ~ The Promise

Week 2 ~ The Promise

Week 1 ~ The Promise

Hope For Series

Week 2 ~ Hope For

Week ~ 1 Hope For

Series - Get Smart

Week 4 ~ Learn It Leave It

Week 3 ~ Listen Up

Week 2 ~ Looking Ahead

Week 1 ~ The Wisest One

It's GO Time

Series - High Anxiety and a Happy Christmas

Week 3: My God Forgives Me

Week 2: My God Is For Me

Week 1: My God Can

Series - Digging Deep

Week 3 - Dig Deep To Overcome Personal Issues

Week 2 - Dig Deep To Accomplish Remarkable Things

Week 1 - Dig Deep To Overcome Giant Obstacles 

Series - Making Change

Week 4 - Change your Ability 

Week 3 - Change your Action

Week 2 - Change your Approach

Week 1 - Change your Attitude 

Series - Small Town

Week 5 ~ ALL IN

Week 4 ~ People On Our Path

Week 3 ~ Go the Extra Mile

Week 2 ~ Do the Right Thing

Week 1 - Walk With Me

Series- Better Together

Week 2 - Celebrate Together

Week 1 - Overcoming Struggle

Series - Despicable Me

Week 3 ~ Agree To Disagree

Week 2 ~ Learn to Discern

Week 1 ~ The Right Approach

A Matter of Time

Series - Pain Killers

Week 4 ~ Living Through The Letdown

Week 3 ~ Relational Pain

Week 2 ~ Pain of Loss

Week 1 ~ Bad News, Good News

Epic Battles in Life ~ Big Stuff vs Small Stuff

Series - Step Up!

Week 4 ~ Step Up To Purpose

Week 3 ~ Step Up To Obedience

Week 2 ~ Step Up To Fear

Week 1 ~ A Step in the Right Direction