“Life can have its share of difficult issues, challenging circumstances, relational pain, and transitional seasons. Waterlife believes in providing care to those in our ministry and community. Waterlife provides care through our staff, trained volunteers, partner ministries, and professional counselors.


Prayer Requests

We believe in praying for one another at Waterlife. If you have a specific prayer request just click the button below and let us know. Our Care Team receives the requests each day and will be praying for you.



At Waterlife, our Care Team is available to visit loved ones of Waterlife members or regular attendees who are in hospitals, home-bound, or in hospice. If you would like to schedule a visit click the button below. A Care Team member will contact you to find out the details and to schedule a time to connect.”


Consultation and counseling

If you are feeling overwhelmed with family issues, marriage issues, or are going through a life transition, we want to help. Our staff are willing to schedule time to consult and to make referrals to  connect you with a competent Christian counselor. Just click on the button below to contact us.

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Weddings and premarital counseling

“Waterlife is committed to helping couples have a God-honoring wedding and marriage. If you are interested in weddings or premarital counseling, read over our marriage guidelines here. Click the button below to contact us.



Waterlife offers support, comfort, and help in times of loss. If you have a request for a Pastor to conduct a funeral please click on the button below. Our Staff Team will contact you to see how we can help.


Financial Coaching

We all need a plan for our finances. Waterlife teaches how to get out of debt, spend and save wisely, find margin, and win with money God’s way. We do this by providing a 6-week financial class by Joe Sangl called “I Was Broke Now I’m Not” and by providing one on one financial coaching. For more info click the button below.

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financial assistance

Waterlife strives to help those in need in our church and in our community. All requests for assistance require a completed assistance form and an interview. Forms can be picked up at our office during office hours. Click on the button below if you have questions.